Face Controlled Mouse

Download new version 1.0.1:

Download old version 1.0.0 beta (Windows only)

Face Controlled Mouse is a free mouse replacement software. You will be able to control your computer without using your hands. Face Controlled Mouse uses a standard web camera to track your face motion and move the mouse pointer accordingly.

Face Controlled Mouse – main window.

It also provides several methods for clicking (dwell or smile). It works on standard PCs equipped with a web camera. No additional hardware is required.

Pointer speed, motion acceleration and smoothness, dwelling time, and many other variables can be adjusted to fit the user’s needs.

For alternative communication we recommend to use Face Controller with free special on-screen keyboards: Optikey Pro or Click2Speak.

Supported platforms: Windows and macOS.

License: Face Controlled Mouse released under the GNU/GPL v3 license.

Authors: Eugene Filimonov (development), Julia Reutskaya (adaptation for children with special needs).

We will be happy if you contribute to the improvement of the Face Controlled Mouse. Page on Git:



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